Our Projects

S.E.E. Voices

S.E.E. Voices is an arts and media-based youth development and mentoring program that utilizes digital media literacy and the transformative power of music and film as tools to empower youth in marginalized and impoverished communities to share their stories and vision. S.E.E. Voices supports experiential learning by providing hands-on, creative programming in afterschool settings and in the community.

Chess Heads

Chess Heads is a dynamic and structured mentoring program targeting communities where the effects of poverty are most prevalent and resources are few. Chessheads is methodical in its training to go beyond learning how to play the game of chess to pushing the application of every knowledge and skill set gained to stimulate the growth of young people of integrity who make wise decisions daily in real-life. From beginners to advance and master-level training, the program instills in its participants the importance of short and long-term goal setting; how to dissect and diagnose situations with patience and mental acuity as opposed to rashly responding, even when under intense pressure. It teaches and promotes the benefit of prudence, fearlessness, intentionality, and how recognizing and breaking patterns of thinking can lead to wisdom and strategy.